Katrina Nguyen

Overcoming Mediocrity Epic Women

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This twelfth book in the series is a unique collection of stories from epic women who have overcome great odds to create their own lives of significance. These stories are aimed to inspire and encourage women to realize their true potential.

About Katrina

Dr. Katrina Nguyen is an award-winning, board-certified pediatric gastroenterologist, founder of a nonprofit to fight childhood obesity, and author of Live to Give.

She was just 14 months old when her family escaped by boat from communist Vietnam in April 1975 after the Fall of Saigon. She nearly died twice during her journey to freedom and the American Dream.

She is a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Rockford. She has shared her expertise via EWTN Global Catholic Network, YMCA podcast, and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Her Christian faith drives her to serve others. She established a charity fund with Raymond James and her non-profit’s sponsors include Chick-Fil-A and Panera Bread. Dr. Nguyen lives in Illinois with her husband Marconi. She enjoys being a dog mom, gardening, and traveling.



Non-profit leader


” If you ever doubt if the American Dream is still alive, if miracles still happen, if wonderful people are still out there doing amazing things, and if God is still working through seemingly ordinary people, read Live to Give. You’ll enjoy an epic story of overcoming and faithfully moving forward as told by Katrina. And you’ll feel a spark of possibility that much more remains possible in your life.”

John O’Leary




“The extraordinary impact that Dr. Katrina Nguyen is making through Faithful-2-Fitness will spread from generation to generation. With good health we don’t just survive, we thrive!”

Wendy Beggs

“Fitness Faithful-2-Fitness and Dr. Katrina Nguyen serve Rockford and the surrounding areas tirelessly in order to improve the health and lives of children, families, friends, and communities. The whole lifestyle approach including education, exercise, and hands-on family involvement encourages lifelong healthy changes that are attainable and sustainable.”

Mary Baldauf, MD